Blu Crystal


Blu Crystal sandals are crafted by artisans experienced in producing footwear of the highest quality, down to the finest detail. Hand crafted using the premium Nappa leather coupled with double stitched and hard wearing rubber soles for endurance. Blu Crystal mark is the iconic mark of quality and an impeccable design.

Mission & Vision

At Blu Crystal we are committed to provide the highest quality combined with a constant pursuit to excellence, effortless glamour and comfort. Blu Crystal's unique collection offers timeless elegance incorporating a minimalistic look. The product collection can be worn from dusk till dawn. It's perfect for any occasion and will allow you to complete any outfit in an excellence way. Whether it be the sunset on the Riviera, cocktail bars, the turquoise clear weather of the Maldives or that of St Bart's.


Our unique comfort technology has been created by industry leading footwear specialists. The sandals from the “Aruna Blu” collection contain leather cushioned insoles and a gentle wedge. This allows for optimum support creating a new level of comfort that you won't experience anywhere else. You will feel like you are walking on air.